If your air ducts are over 15 years old, they probably need to be replaced. Otherwise, you could face HVAC problems, high utility bills and even pest infestations. Dalton's Air Conditioning & Heating offers air duct replacement services for homeowners and business owners in Lafayette, LA. Once we've replaced your air ducts, we'll perform air duct sealing services to minimize air leakage.

We'll measure your rooms to ensure that your air ducts are the right size. Call now to schedule air duct sealing and replacement services.

What are the benefits of replacing your air ducts?

While getting new air ducts is sometimes a necessity, there are some advantages of replacing them. You should get air duct replacement services if you want to...

  • Lower your monthly energy bills
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Extend the life span of your HVAC system
Are you selling your home? Replacing worn-out air ducts may attract potential buyers who don't want to deal with home repairs. Make an appointment with us today.